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The new AR6 and AR8 articulated robots are extending the options available with Bosch Rexroth robot technology by two degrees of freedom. The robots can now assume any position in the workspace when performing 'pick and place', assembly or machine feeding tasks.

Thanks to their uniform technology, users select the ideal robot to suit the individual requirements of their application. The use of compatible robots not only helps reduce overall system costs, but also provides the user with long-term planning security.

Advantages of the turbo AR6/8

• High performance, streamlined mechanics.
• High bearing load with low system weight.
• Speed and precision.
•User-friendly installation due to integrated SR-CAN module in robot base - with electrical and pneumatic I/O's and electronic name plate.
• Table and ceiling mounting options.
• Uniform, high performance IQ200 control system with rho4.0 control engine.