Mitsubishi RV-3AJ

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Enhanced operation performance
Operation performances have been enhanced as a result of using a new model motor encoder. High-speed operations are available because of higher-speed movements in the directions of the wrist axis. In addition, the standard configuration employs a brake-equipped motor for the robot wrist (J5 axis), ensuring higher reliability.

Compact and high-performance controller
This controller requires only an A4-size area for installation (the smallest for this class of our robot products). A 64-bit RISC CPU is used, and then functions, performances, and expandability have been greatly improved. The robot language (MELFA-BASIC IV) supports a full set of commands that allow you to cope with advanced operations.

A complete set of option utilities including network communications
Network communications through Ethernet or CC-Link are fully available. Advanced systems can be readily configured by using a variety of optional control functions, such as additional axis control and built-in vision sensor. Moreover, SupportWare (compatible with Windows 95, 98, and 2000) is available, which provides not only programming function and simulation function but also remote monitoring function that can be operated from a remote site; your startup and maintenance work can be facilitated.

Safety and energy saving are fully considered
The teaching box uses 3-position deadman switches. For the machines of 6-axis specifications, an interface for door-switch input is incorporated. Alarm monitoring function implemented by multitasking function will assure safety in operation. Furthermore, energy saving in your plant can be advanced by the low motor power consumption of 80W and the total power consumption of 360W.