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turboscara SR4

The new turboscara SR4 is a compact, high-performance robotic system which can be installed easily, even where space is restricted. Due to its design, the SR4 requires very little time or effort in terms of planning actual start-up.

The operating and programming environment corresponds to that of the SR6 and SR8, meaning that no additional training in control and operating technology is required.

The high quality robotic system has almost no maintenance requirements. In addition to this, an absolute encoder system makes it possible to start the swivel-arm robot rapidly without the need for a reference point movement.


  • High rigidity/bearing load
  • Very high speed <0.3s for standard cycle
  • Absolute encoder system
  • Universal IQ200 control accept
  • Table, wall and ceiling mounting possible

Increased speed for increased efficiency

30% faster than previous models which means increased production and profitability.