Mitsubishi RH-10AH 55

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High Speed and High Precision

Exceptionally high speed and high precision is achieved by incorporating features such as lightweight, highly rigid mechanisms, optimum acceleration/deceleration control function, and optimum path finding function. Standard cycle time of approximately 0.4 seconds can be achieved with the RH-5AH series robots.

Choices to Meet Your Needs

Our SCARA robots are available in three series with maximum payloads of 5, 10 and 15kg, respectively. In addition, arm lengths of 350mm, 450mm, and 550mm are available on the RH-5AH, with arm lengths of 550mm, 700mm, and 850mm available on the RH-10AH. The RH-15AH is available with 850mm arm length. Clean room and oil mist specification models will also be available. Coupled with Mitsubishi’s family of vertically articulated models and micro assembly robots, we can satisfy your every requirement.

Ease of Use

Various kinds of operation can be programmed because of a rich set of instructions available with the robot-programming language MELFA-BASIC IV. Concurrent control of several peripheral devices is readily available
because of the multitask processing, which enables the parallel processing of robot operation, external input/output signal processing, and external device communications programs at the same time. Moreover, various kinds of Windows-compatible support software are available for other tasks of simulation and monitoring in addition to programming.

High Performance Networking and Control

Powerful networking functions, such as CC-Link and Ethernet, are available.This allows machine vision products, an upper PC or PLC to be easily networked and integrated with the robots. In addition, an SSCNET compatible additional axis interface enables concurrent control of the robot and a peripheral device, such as turntable or linear track. Up to 8 additional axes may be controlled in this manner.