Mitsubishi RP-1AH

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Smallest Controller in the Industry

Equipped with powerful 64bit CPU
New redesigned controller requires a set-up area the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and weighs only aprox. 8kg.
Controller can operate at 120 or 200VAC. (200VAC only for CE)
Controller option compatibility guaranteed.
New options simplify operation ease and expandability

Improved communication interfaces for CC-Link, Ethernet and serial extensions.
5-Joint closed link configuration in pursuit of the ultimate high-speed, high-accuracy operation

An original 5-joint closed link mechanism and 64bit CPU enables the robot to operate at high speeds and with maximum accuracy; equal to that of process dedicated equipment.
Cycle time of 0.28s and repeat position accuracy of +/- 5um achieved (RP-1AH).
Multi task function included for parallel processing of vision sensor and peripheral control communications.
Compact Space-saving Design

Taking up a space the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and weighing only approximately 8kg, the controller is the smallest in the industry. Installation and transportation are simple and easy.
Lining 3 RP-1AH units up side-by-side, the line is a space saving 1.2m in length. Introduction of these robots into existing factory line space is no problem at all.
The main robot body weighs about 12kg and requires installation space equal to that taken up by a sheet of paper (RP-1AH), thus making it easy to incorporate these robots into your current facilities.