Mitsubishi RV-1A

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Compact, Lightweight Body
The MoveMaster takes up minimal space and is easy to install. A main body weight of less than 20kg makes the robot easy to carry or relocate and the space needed for controller installation is the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, the smallest in this robot category (company comparison).

High-performance All-pupose Industrial Robot
Equipped with a full-axis AC servomotor and absolute encoder, the robot offers shorter tact time with a maximum quasi-speed of 2.1m/s. Furthermore, the combination of amazingly high accuracy of +0.02mm and up to 6 axis operation, gives the MoveMaster the functions of an all-purpose industrial robot capable of application to complicated tasks.

Improved Network Functions
The incorporation of a 64bit CPU enhances network capabilities for Ethernet and CC-Link. Connectivity to high performance PCs and PLCs, visions sensors enables higher processing speeds and increases productivity.

Energy Savings and Safety
Use of an AC servomotor reduces all axis outputs to less than 50W and motor capacity to less than 200W, creating energy savings for plant operations. Safety considerations have led to the internal packaging of wiring and piping.