Mitsubishi RV-3S

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Mitsubishi's original robot dedicated motor and dedicated servo amplifier have been newly developed to improve the robot's movement and basic performance. A variety of functions, realized with the 64-bit RISC processor, provide solutions for our customer's high value-added systems.

Fastest in the class.

Tact times can be reduced with the class’s fastest high-speed movement (*1). *1 Maximum composite speed 5.5m/s (RV-3S: 57% Up compared to conventional RV-2A)

High payload capacity, highly rigid arm and improved environment withstand performance.

Work using complicated hands can be carried out with the maximum 3.5kg payload capacity (downward).

Handle intrinsic work with diverse functions.

Diverse functions allow compliance with various applications, efficient teaching work, reduced tact time, and reduced system costs and maintenance costs.

• Orthogonal compliance function
• Multi-task function
• Impact detection function
• Position restoration function
• Maintenance forecast function
• Specific point passage function