Mitsubishi RV-5AJ

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High Speed, High Accuracy

"The most suitable acceleration/deceleration speed control and over-ride control" realizing reduction of tact time.
"The most suitable tracking connection" remarkable operation for tasks requiring sequential tracking accuracy like sealing.
"Orthogonal compliance control" able to follow gaps of the core under work.
"Multitask function" simultaneous processing robot operation, 1/0 signal transmission, communication programs with external applications.
Furnishing broad expansibility and strong network function

"Additional axis interface matching SSC NET" achieving simultaneous control for running axis, turntable and others (Standard).
"Matching Ethernet/CC-Link" easy linkage with upper grade personal computers and PLC.
Superior durability to environmental conditions with many optional specification variations

Robot main unit's "IP54 protective structure" with enhanced durability of environment (Standard).
Standard units may be ceiling or wall mounted.
Improved safety throughout improving risk management

"Loading brake for all axis, teaching box with three position dead men switches" aimed to improve safety.
"Equipped with double emergency stop circuits" considering safety in an emergency.