Staubli TX40

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Beyond Robots...
Whatever a company's sector of activity, and whatever its size, it needs to increase its productivity and apply special processes to all aspects of its wok. Staubli and Barr & Paatz provide the solutions required for those needs.

Increasing Overall Productivity
Loading, Unloading, Packaging, Palletizing, Handling, Manipulation, Quality Control and Measuring.

More than 30% gain in productivity through:
Signification reductions of cycle times.
Optimal equipment utilisation rate.
Operations executed in a minimal amount of time.

Flexibility and Adaptability
All industrial markets are subject to frequent changes. Only companies with flexible and adaptable production equipment can operate effectively in such conditions. Staubli robots provide flexibility and adaptability for the production of batches differencing greatly in size and number of references.

Consistent production quality is a vital aspect for a company. The accuracy and repeatability level of Staubli robots guarantee homogeneity of production batches.

Special Process
Precision surface finishing, polishing, deburring, grinding, finish buffing, finishing, painting, spraying, gasket positioning, bonding, cutting, welding, measuring (with or without contact) and quality control.

Accurate trajectory and process parameter control
The creative technology used in Staubli robots, integrating backlash-free JCS/JCM reduction gear systems combined with high-performance control, guarantees an accurate trajectory plus optimal management of process parameters.