Integrator of Industrial Robots



RoboExplorer is a suite of software for setting up and maintaining the programs, teach points and robot configuration on the Mitsubishi robot controllers. The key features are:
  • download robot programs to the controller
  • download teach points to the controller
  • teach point editor
  • software pendant, allowing the user to move the robot at a reduced speed
  • upload the controller and robot parameter files and current parameter settings
  • download parameter settings
  • monitor the programs running in the controller
  • monitor the variable values of a running program
  • monitor the status of the controller's IO
  • monitor the position of the robot
  • view the error history stored in the controller (last 200 error states)
  • start/stop programs
  • reset errors
  • turn the servos on/off
  • adjust the override speed
  • windows explorer style interface
  • drag and drop files into the robot controller
  • best of all it's FREE

Please visit the download page to get the current version

Version History

Version 1.1.4

  • Changed default display to thumbnail for window 7+
  • Changed the registration server address

Version 1.1.2

  • Added "service" menu for resetting battery, grease and belt timers

Version 1.1.1

  • Rewritten the file system interface to windows
  • Added drag & drop, copy & paste between windows and RoboExplorer
  • Added network support
  • Added right click context sensitive menus
  • Updated the graphics, to support xp themes
  • Fixed the toolbar upgrade problem
  • Improved the handling of icons
  • Added tile and thumbnail to the view options
  • Added a joint position monitor
  • Added the ability to upload a single parameter from the controller
  • Added movement in the tool and joint coordinate frame to the software teach pendant

Version 1.0.10

  • Improved the upload program from the robot routine (stripping extra characters and convert to lower case)
  • Added a var monitor
  • Added parameter reset to the default state (please use with care!) to the popup in the parameter editor
  • Checking for teach mode when attempting to changing parameters
  • Modified the software teach pendant to allow movement in the tool or world frames or joint coordinates
  • Fixed the connection state LED

Version 1.0.7

  • Added an automatic check to see if a new version of the software is available
  • Improved the on-line registration system
  • Added a activation key system for users who are not able to register because they are not connected to the internet or behind a proxy server which is blocking port 25
  • Added a popup menu to the robot error history which allows the user to (1) save the log to a file and (2) clear the error history in the robot controller
  • Added a second method of downloading programs to the robot controller. The program is downloaded one line at a time and the line is displayed on screen. Although this is a slower method it has the advantage of highlighting the location of any errors in your program.To enable this option uncheck "use fast download" in the tools menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the upload program routine so that the file window is updated when the upload is complete

Version 1.0.6

  • Removed the root display of robot programs by clicking in the robot part of the treeview (you can still get it on the window menu if is any use to you!)
  • Removed com failed dialogs
  • Corrected the label in the io monitor (IP 16 to 23)
  • Fixed the custom toolbar position
  • Fixed the bug in the "move to TP" dialog which causes it to display the wrong TP number
  • Fixed the bug in the TP editor which stopped the save dialog appearing if changed TP's were modified by learning the current position from the robot (not edited)
  • Added "Comm's Server" to the tools menu, allowing you to reload the server if you accidentally close it!
  • Fixed bug in file/dir renaming
  • Corrected the text on the save file dialog (was open instead of save)

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed bug in I/O forcing

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed error caused by download programs/TP's which are already running